Digital Signage

Dynamic Messages That Engage and Inform

Signage makes your customers, prospects, visitors and employees take notice — and take action.

From a video wall that spans long hallway to campus-wide communications, VCA can help display and deliver your message across the room or the global enterprise. Our custom signage solutions are designed to work within the aesthetic and architectural design of your building, in any size or configuration to fit your budget.

Send any source to any screen with one touch; combine displays to make one larger than life image; divide the video wall into segments for limitless display combinations of varied content; or deftly control the content from your mobile device of choice.
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In corporate headquarters, educational facilities, healthcare institutions, government facilities, retail outlets and entertainment venues, video walls bring your messages to life in a highly compelling, engaging way that very few other forms of media can.

What used to be a novelty reserved for luxury venues is now a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Rapid technological innovations in digital signage have elevated the experience on both ends. Consumers are now engaged beyond their wildest dreams by creative content that they can literally reach out and touch. Content begs to be interacted with, which translates to impressive returns on investment. Data, analytics, beacons, RFID, heat mapping, and facial recognition help brands both connect to their customers and inform their decisions in ways never before imagined. With Digital Out of Home (DOOH) technology, a subset of digital signage referring to digital media in the public domain, there is definitive value and ROI to present marketing departments with.

The possibilities are constantly expanding and only limited by creativity. Some common applications include:

  • Corporate branding, entertainment, marketing
  • Wayfinding in education, corporate campuses, transportation, healthcare, hospitality
  • Infotainment in healthcare
  • Advertising in retail and transportation

The uses are so pervasive that a consultative approach to intelligently exploring your use cases is a necessity more than ever. The ideal system will achieve your key performance indicators (KPI) with flexibility, reliability and scalability. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone display; robust media players producing warp, blend or other special effects; content creation services; or remote monitoring for global deployment, VCA’s experience being at the forefront of digital signage technology since the start of it serves as an invaluable resource.

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