Broadcast & Post

Holistic Integrations for the Modern Production Environment

VCA's Broadcast and Post Group is comprised of the most experienced and well-rounded technicians in the industry.

That’s no empty claim. Our technicians bring over a century of combined experience creating, teaching, demonstrating, and building broadcast and post systems. The majority of our technical team has achieved the exclusive Avid ACSR: Elite certification — a credential only a few in the country have earned—among two dozen other leading industry certifications.

These experts aren’t only technicians, they’re creative professionals just like our clients. They are former 3D animation demo artists and faculty from Manhattan’s prestigious School of Visual Arts. There’s next to nothing that our technicians haven’t seen or worked through.

At VCA, we understand that our clients can’t afford downtime for major national broadcasts, and that’s why we don’t have B-level techs. Our broadcast and post clients are a healthy mix of established national broadcast institutions and new media creative houses. They work in high pressure environments, and they demand high availability. We know that deadlines and deliverables are everything to them, and they know that if they need something for the Olympics tomorrow, they call VCA.

We engineer the highest quality systems for the modern workflow:

Acquisition – By Studio or Field

Camera, Animation


Shared Storage, Asset Management, Media Management


Video, Audio, Cloud Editing

Color Correction


Master Control, Broadcast, TV, Web


LTO, Nearline Storage

VCA’s Broadcast and Post group’s expertise is second to none when it comes bringing together the array of disparate processes that make up a modern production environment through a thoughtful and holistic integration of the resources.

See some of our broadcast and post Client Experiences

VCA’s Broadcast and Post technicians maintain over 20 technical certifications.


    • Avid ACSR: Elite
    • Avid MediaComposer ASCR
    • Avid Unity ACSR
    • Avid Interplay ACSR
    • Avid MediaCentral ACSR
    • Avid ProTools ACSR
    • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)
    • Apple Certified Associate (ACA)
    • Autodesk M&E (Linux Flame/Smoke/Burn/ Storage & Mac Smoke Systems Administration)
    • Redhat Linux [RHCSA – Red Hat Certified System
    • Administrator – Workstation and Server
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
    • Isilon Certified Storage Professional (ICSP)
    • Editshare (SAN Storage Arc Flow)
    • Pipeline Qube Certified Administrator (QCA)
    • SGI (Workstation and Server)
    • CatDV Installation and Support Administrator
    • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

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