User Experience

Simple, Intuitive Interface Designs

Designing an intuitive interface is about understanding the way people think and work.

VCA programmers excel at developing user-friendly interfaces that are standardized throughout the enterprise no matter the room type. Can anyone in your organization walk into a room and present from a laptop or mobile device, access the internet, make a voice or video call, in addition to sharing and collaborating on content? The user interface must be aesthetically elegant yet as simple to operate as possible.

Because despite how complex many of AV systems are, no one cares to waste time trying to figure out how to use them.

As BYOD has become expected from users, a plethora of software and apps have flooded the market, and they don’t all speak to each other. Creating a cohesive platform for accommodating the various devices of choice users expect to use can prove challenging to manage.

Our team of programmers keep close tabs on the latest advancements in interface design and product features. A great interface will help maximize your ROI by increasing efficiency and productivity. Advanced metrics and analytics today can tell you precisely how much ROI is achieved, or they can guide you in determining why rooms are underutilized.

How can you provide a seamless experience for those in the same room with varying devices, along with those in other places around the world?

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