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Enterprise Management

Establishing and Implementing Global Standards

From a single building to a campus or innumerable locations across the world, VCA can manage all of your communications technologies.

We will work closely with your team to identify needs versus wants, help establish standards or build off the ones you already have in place. It’s all about taking a holistic view, keeping up on evolving best practices, and unifying each and every room, device, endpoint and everything in between along proven benchmarks.

Each system must meet enterprise standards for ease-of-use, interface design, and compatibility with virtually any source, even in the BYOD world. When all is said and done, end users should be able to use the systems intuitively, and that experience should be the same everywhere in your organization.

We understand that technology lifecycles today don’t really end, and we’re here to serve your continuously evolving needs as they ebb and flow. Many organizations today are finding the benefits of shifting their technology investments from capex to opex. It’s a new paradigm that VCA can help guide you through.

Our remote monitoring systems alert you to pending issues and provide valuable analytics of usage for every device in every room. This identifies usage trends, meeting dynamics, training needs and ROI, and it guides your future technology investments.

Are you ready to establish or refine your technology standards enterprise-wide?

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