Communications on the Move

Delivering information to travelers as clearly and quickly as possible is a central mission for transportation centers.

The multifunctional nature of audiovisual technology in a transit hub continues to grow. From the public-address to the Command and Control Centers monitoring schedules and safety, the digital signage system that migrates between information display to wayfinding to advertising — AV technology is the backbone of it all today.

The travel experience has become cumbersome and downright unpleasant many places and at certain times of year as transit organizations are challenged to keep up with demands of global citizens. It’s never too late or too soon to modernize these multifaceted communication systems.

With Digital Out of Home (DOOH) technology, a subset of digital signage referring to digital media in the public domain, transportation centers can quantifiably demonstrate ROI and secure more advertising revenue from brands. VCA can demonstrate different marketing outcomes using the latest technology. This might be signage bringing Time Square to Main Street, retail and hospitality offerings or dynamic waiting areas. VCA is a partner you can count on to guide you through the possibilities.

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