Informing and Enticing Buyers with Innovative Experiences

Highly advanced technology is helping draw consumers back into brick and mortar stores.

The strategy is nothing short of reimagining the structure and function of retail environments. These spaces must be designed for efficient adaptation to consumer behavior as it’s portrayed through captured data. Retailers should complement their e-commerce with video and in-person experiences, taking into consideration how technology drives buyer narratives. Even the simple act of drawing a customer inside depends on creating the “wow” factor with experiential, interactive displays and crowd-sourced data.

Technology helps inform sales on both sides of the shopping cart while data and analytics pinpoint consumer interests. This involves sensors, RFID, near field communication (NFC), heat mapping, facial recognitions, and any device that acquires data.

With Digital Out of Home (DOOH) technology, a subset of digital signage referring to digital media in the public domain, consumers can seamlessly spread the good word of mouth on their social media channels in tandem with their experience, and marketers can skillfully leverage these efforts in various ways.

One unique aspect of DOOH applications is that there’s definitive value to marketing departments through advertising revenue and other means. VCA can demonstrate different marketing outcomes using the latest technology. This might be signage bringing Time Square to Main Street or a multifunctional lobby.

The retail environment today is much more sophisticated than ever imagined. The potential applications are so complex that a consultative approach to technology investments is a must. VCA is a partner you can count on to guide you through the possibilities.

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