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From medical facilities to pharmaceutical companies and healthcare services, technology that prioritizes data privacy and security is a reality that will advance patient care.

Distance learning in medical education or collaborative conferencing outfits healthcare professionals with the tools they need to save lives. The latest image processing resolutions, from 4K to 8K and high dynamic range (HDR) are helping doctors diagnose and teach with greater detail. Centralized remote monitoring equipment can proactively detect equipment maintenance or issues before they occur.

Dynamic, user friendly bedside media centers double as entertainment and information portals to track patient progress and manage care. Statistics show that the more patients utilize these services, the more they are likely to improve quicker and minimize repeat visits.

At VCA, we understand that budget demands are often driving healthcare investments, so it’s important to leverage existing equipment while transitioning to AV over IP or other new technology. VCA is a partner you can count on to guide you through the possibilities.

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