Secure Technology for Advancing the World’s Leadership

There are no compromises when deploying new technology in the highly structured environments of government institutions.

From Military or Law Enforcement Command Centers to Situation Rooms, Police Training Rooms, Legislative Chambers, Courtrooms, and Briefing Centers, there are a range of unique considerations, including data security, multilingual platforms and translation services, the video resolution standards, uncompromising reliability and robust feature sets.

Collaborative communications strengthen security operations by allowing the brightest minds to share information and brainstorm together with ease. Meetings that inform and drive decision-making must employ collective problem solving. Electronic voting, data collection, archiving, and video streaming are all necessary components.

An effective network operations center (NOC) encourages collaboration and enables fast decision making. Organizations of every type and size employ command and control centers for real-time tracking, monitoring and alerts regarding mission critical operations. As AV has migrated to the IP network, the security and scalability required have followed suit. Higher resolution video formats are improving intelligence operations, yet they add a layer of complexity to systems design.

Navigating the intricacy of video formats and interoperability of devices on the network require a dedicated knowledge base of the latest innovations and standards. It starts with defining the best ecosystem for your individual use cases and laying a scalable foundation to build on. Risk assessment and safeguarding data management have carved out a vital step in the design process. There’s a delicate balance to strike in terms of adopting the technology standards of today and the necessary information security to go alongside it.

Across the board in government applications, leadership and public safety depend on AV technology operating at peak performance for highly specific uses. VCA is a partner you can count on to guide you through the possibilities.

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