Learning Outcomes Advancing Knowledge Globally

Modern education systems have undergone transformative change, and audiovisual technology sits at the center of it all.

The advent of distance learning and lecture capture has vastly extended the reach and impact of education. An Ivy League degree is now accessible across the world with little more than an internet connection. The flipped classroom has dramatically altered pedagogy. The engagement potential afforded by augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence paired with Big Data metrics are poised to further upend traditional learning practices.

State-of-the-art technology doesn’t just keep students of all ages engaged, it’s a necessary aspect of creating educational materials that they can relate to. At the same time, a classroom audiovisual system must be user-friendly and intuitive enough that any teacher, regardless of the level of technology knowledge, can operate it with minimal guidance. The IT departments in schools can’t always be available on a moment’s notice if an interactive display fails due to user error, or if the teacher needs help selecting the right source. Remote management and monitoring can detect faulty equipment before it happens and expedite service to minimize downtime.

Advanced auditoriums are equipped to engage students who are physically in the room or across the world. Huddle spaces and study rooms with room schedulers create group collaborations. Digital signage campus-wide keeps students, faculty and visitors informed and even entertained. The possibilities are broad, and discussing your desired outcomes is the first step in identifying the advanced capabilities to deploy.

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