Empowering Workforces with Collaborative Tools

The modern workforce has evolved considerably, so naturally, the workspaces have followed suit in many shapes and sizes.

Open office floor plans are common now, but they often struggle to meet employee satisfaction. The right audiovisual solutions will not only arm employees with the collaborative tools that support their increasing mobility, but they will create comfortable environments that minimize distractions and promote productivity. Striking the right balance with open space flexibly blends huddle spaces, larger meeting rooms, conference rooms, and even training rooms with more private hoteling areas. What is often missed in the design phase is the multiuse functions that collaborative work environments sustain. Exploring the capabilities of sound masking, acoustical treatments, and even the right furniture material and placement all have a rightful place in the offices of today and tomorrow.

In addition to functional purposes, the executive boardroom is a symbol of an organization’s cultural identity. The right technology can not only complement the design and decor, but add to it or seamlessly merge within. VCA’s boardroom solutions arm executives with the capabilities they need to lead and participate in meetings within their technological comfort levels, driving greater productivity. Crisp audio, properly scaled images — all of the details that go unnoticed in a well-designed room — are precisely what makes them so empowering.

Artistic design of corporate lobbies and other public areas have migrated from fine art to digital canvases. Multifunctional use of these spaces has spawned new revenue streams with entertainment, boosting marketing and branding.

Audiovisual technology developments have ushered in a new era of corporate communications, and VCA is a partner you can count on to guide you through the possibilities.

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