August 26, 2015 4:15 pm

How is your organization planning for the future? Let’s talk about it.

How is your organization planning for the future? Let’s talk about it.

By Annie Wiker

I was born in the late ‘70’s and for most of my life technology has crept along with incremental changes, beyond the microwave, Camcorder, and VCR, there weren’t many things introduced during my childhood that my parents felt we NEEDED to have (they had that first microwave for nearly 30 years). Since I’ve hit adulthood, though, it seems things have changed drastically…it isn’t just a matter of our society’s need for instant gratification – technology really is changing so rapidly, upgrading to the latest and greatest thing on the market can actually bring marked improvement to your quality of life. This isn’t limited to mobile phones and computers, technology ranging from medical devices to web-enabled thermostats, cloud services and beyond are drastically changing the world in which we live.

The corporate realm has not been left untouched by this tech revolution. Innovations such as virtual meeting rooms, the Cloud, BYOD policies, and wireless connectivity have completely changed the way we conduct business. Gone are the days of constant travel, costly video conferencing systems or complicated dial-in audio conference access codes; all we need now is a web address and we’re connected from any device, face to face with our colleagues, from just about anywhere in the world. While these new technologies have radically changed how we work, transitioning to them isn’t always pain-free. From traversing firewalls to BYOD compliance to employees’ relectuance to adopt, converting to a new technology can bring with it massive headaches. What pain points are you currently suffering? What are you doing to help prepare for future technology? VCA is here to help.

What innovations are you most excited about? Look to VCA to help guide the way…and let’s talk about it.

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