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Production Asset Management Upgrades


The New York Mets have been a mainstay of New York City sports since 1962. For 44 years, the baseball club called Shea Stadium its home, until 2009 when they moved into Citi Field. Shortly thereafter, the Mets called upon the broadcast and post-production expertise of Video Corporation of America to service their production and asset management systems, establishing a trusted relationship. Most recently, VCA provided a major upgrade of Avid’s Interplay | Production asset management solution.

The production and events department for the Mets controls all scoreboard content, including all the media clips played during games and the other animations, like the iconic home run apple that goes up to celebrate a home run. These editors work alongside the announcers in the main broadcast booth behind home plate.


The unique post-production workflow of the New York Mets revolves around the majority of their work taking place during live events. With 41,000-plus fans in a packed stadium, there’s no time for failure.

When the Mets required an upgrade to its Avid Interplay | Production system, every other component of the system required upgrading as well. As a production asset management system, Interplay sits over the top of every component. When material is brought in, Interplay checks it in and manages the content creation by adding details and descriptions for automated workflows. A range of devices and software attach to the Interplay, and they all must be on compatible software versions, even the operating systems themselves. Once upgraded, all of these components must be tested as part of the process to ensure that they can communicate to each other as intended.

In the case of the Mets, the upgrade involved a Telestream transcoding solution, which required remote support in order to communicate with the new version of Interplay. The Mets also have an Avid FastServe playback server, which Avid technicians provided remote support for. This project included updating the editing software, along with Avid’s NEXIS media storage.

The main challenge with this project involved an older EVS playback device. The Mets were moving away from the system, so they didn’t want to upgrade the device. In the process, VCA collaborated with the Mets to determine a clever workaround that focused on their specific use case.


The Mets production team now has a significantly upgraded asset management system. These upgrades have set the Mets up for a major rebuild of their studio and machine room, which is planned for the near future. At that point, the Mets can easily transition to more powerful, faster asset management servers, allowing them to edit 4K content and beyond. Many of the components of this recent project will carry over into the new studio, including Avid’s NEXIS storage, which they will add to, phasing out the legacy storage components. The Avid FastServe will carry over as well.

At that point, VCA will consult closely with the Mets to assess upgrading to the latest generation of Avid’s MediaCentral | Production Management, which has replaced Interplay as a powerful integrated workflow solution that provides advanced file and workflow management.

Overall, the New York Mets choose to work with VCA after a decade forging a trusted relationship. The Mets know that at a moment’s notice, VCA’s industry leading broadcast and post-production technicians are on top of their every need.

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