Financial Software Services Company


Corporate, Financial, Technology


Jersey City, NJ


38 rooms, including café, multi-purpose training room, 20 huddle rooms, conference rooms for 4-16 people




Crossing the Hudson River was more than just a hop, skip, and jump for the Lower Manhattan offices of a global financial software and solutions company. Relocating lock, stock, and barrel to an existing building in Jersey City required meticulous planning and a total renovation, all accomplished without disrupting the company’s day-to-day client services.

This ground up renovation of a floor and a half of the Jersey City structure removed and replaced all evidence of any previous occupants, leaving nothing but the walls. An entirely new audiovisual infrastructure was created with all new cabling, an array of office and employee spaces, and a Crestron control system as the main artery transporting video and more.

The six-month audiovisual project was augmented by this financial software technology group’s solid technical understanding of what was being built. The client team, who hired TM Technology Partners as consultants, knew exactly what they wanted. They did their homework, furthering in depth discussions of how to meet precise goals with the most current technology. The final relocation, conceived to prevent any systems interruptions, took place over just two weekends.

Technical Solutions:

The total 38 rooms integrated feature an Interview and Demo room, along with some 20 huddle rooms of three types: sitting, standing and soft seating. Conference rooms were designed for 4, 6, 10, or 14 people; the largest of these, serving as a boardroom for 16, features an 86-inch LG display and Audix M70 ceiling mics.

The company café, part of a multipurpose space, features six LG displays from 55 to 86-inches as well as Shure MXA microphones. The Demo Room, an employee game room, complete with pool table, includes five LG displays from 55 to 75-inches. Each display can support two game stations and a cable box offering several players the opportunity to participate. A reception lobby features a 65-inch NEC display and five Planar LX55HDU displays. Wireless content sharing is afforded by Mersive Solstice Pods scattered throughout the project.

The boardroom uses QSC DSP, Audix flush mounted ceiling mics, Crestron’s DMPS3 4K-300-C Presentation system and an iPad for control, as well as a Crestron TSW-1060 10-inch touch panel and a Polycom Group 500 Series codec.

Technology aside, the 5th floor room, with a stunning hand-built table and decorative lighting, offers a feature that only serves to enhance the financial software company’s state-of-the-art tech capabilities: an end to end view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Crestron has something for just about every huddle room control and AV distribution aspect of this project. The huddle rooms have small Crestron processors and keypads. There is automatic switching and signal detection; some functions are automated to limit the necessity for user interaction with the controls. If users plug in their laptops, the display will change automatically to show the laptops. When users unplug, it returns to a predetermined source.

The VTC rooms use Crestron AV switchers and iPads. These rooms offer multiple presentation options, as well as audio or videoconferencing. The Crestron App on the iPads provide complete wireless control over the room and environment. An added benefit is that the IT staff has their own iPads where they can access each room system for support from anywhere in the building.

The multipurpose room serves as a VTC space with the option to open into the café area for “all hands” type events. The Crestron system was used to automate the displays around the café to schedule on/off times and control preset content.

The myriad displays located all around the 5th and 6th floor user areas and open offices run relevant news channels, corporate announcements and software that displays some user metrics, trends, and other salient data. The system turns on and sets the predetermined content for each display every morning. Of course, the operators can always override and change the channels whenever they want to do so, but each morning it returns to the preset. The system automatically shuts these displays down in the evening. This system uses a combination of fiber optic and Cat-6 cable to distribute the AV signals to the displays.


Because of some fairly significant construction delays, the VCA team was tasked with accomplishing a lot of work in a short period of time. A challenge came by way of some of the displays on both floors dropping offline. This occurred after periods of reliable operation when they would then stop responding to the Crestron commands. This caused the clients to enter a space with blank screens. Crestron responded by sending one of their senior engineers to dive into the code and determine the root cause. Although this wasn’t a Crestron problem, they committed to fixing the issue anyway and alleviating these project hiccups.


The AV project provided the financial software services client with great views and technology, and more efficient and up-to-date office spaces. They now have a diverse range of modern meeting spaces to accommodate anything from the most formal of board meetings, to ad hoc standing meetings and everything in between with one-touch videoconferencing throughout. They can easily collaborate with wireless technology wherever they are, even over lunch in the café. The client can share corporate communications company-wide via pre-set content to the public displays, and they can conduct trainings in a state-of-the-art multipurpose space.

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