August 24, 2015 4:14 pm

Avid Everywhere – Addressing the key needs of media professionals

Avid Everywhere – Addressing the key needs of media professionals

Avid is undergoing a transformation and they are determined to bring the media industry with them into the future.  Avid Everywhere is their strategic vision for connecting content creators and media organizations with consumers in more powerful, efficient, and collaborative ways.  The Avid Everywhere vision is guiding the development of the most fluid end-to-end distributed media production environment in the industry.  The Avid MediaCentral Platform, in conjunction with the corresponding Artist SuiteMedia SuiteStorage Suite, and the upcoming marketplace, will form a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses everything from media creation to distribution and monetization, addressing every aspect of the new digital media value chain.

Announced at NAB 2015 and released on August 25th, ISIS | 1000 is the latest addition to the MediaCentral Platform.  It offers the industry-proven performance and reliability of ISIS in an entry-level system designed for smaller audio and video post-production environments AND it supports the leading creative tools in the industry, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro as well as our own Media Composer and Pro Tools.  In fact, recent collaboration between Adobe and Avid has significantly increased the performance of Premiere on all ISIS storage solutions.

The ISIS | 1000 delivers shared access to multiple users over simple and easy Ethernet connections. The Storage Engine connects to inexpensive NETGEAR and Dell Networking switches using a 10GbE connection and providing either 1 or 10GbE connection to clients.  Avid uses unique technology to ensure that one editor does not affect the playback of another working off of the same shared storage.  A single ISIS | 1000 can deliver 36 streams of XDCAM-50, 5 streams of REDCODE 5K 8:1, 2 streams of ProRES 422 HQ 4K, 2 streams of F55 raw 4K, 30 streams of DNxHR LB or 4 streams of DNxHR 444.  Adding ISIS | 1000 engines is easy and provides additional storage AND bandwidth to deliver more streams.  Using four ISIS | 1000 engines, all the above stream counts increase by 4x empowering more creativity and faster turnaround.   With ISIS | 1000, you can take on more work, turn projects around faster and reliably beat your deadlines.

Please contact us, here at VCA, to learn more about how Avid ISIS shared storage can streamline and accelerate your production workflows.  Special pricing on ISIS | 1000 is available until the end of September so contact us now for a customized quote!


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